GlobeTown - a danish NGO partnering with Kenyan ngoīs

- something first get a value when it is given away...






" When equipment or knowledge is placed in dusty corners without being used - it possesses no value at all. When handed over to others a new living story is created, with positive value and good energy to those that will have the pleasure being enriched by it."

Globetown is a member based Danish NGO and performs as a network organization, which in many ways differ from the more conventional ngoīs as Globetown has itīs point of departure in culture and sport working in establishing sustainable and equal partnerships between danish and african organizations with the overriding principle that by establishing a mutual development oriented collaboration Globetown is convinced that it might contribute to better quality of life and improved living conditions in Africa.

Globetown raises fund by arranging charity sports matches and concerts in Denmark.

Globetown members are to be found among active musicians, former professional athletes, university employees and business people. All members that have a broad experience from development work. If needs arises and the knowledge of the members is not sufficient Globetown calls in experts from its network.

Important partners implementing the projects in Kenya are the Sports Folk High School in Aarhus, Denmark, having sports students enrolled, the Danish ngo Sustainable Energy, who is implementing Danida financed projects in Kibera and Kisumu, Streethanball a Danish partner having invented a new concept for doing sport, a concept which already is being piloted in four areas in Nairobi through Jerico Youth Sports Association.

South By SouthWest Festival in Austin, Texas, USA and "SMUKFEST" in Skanderborg, Denmark are both partners in the development of music projects.

In the past two years Globetown have had the pleasure sponsoring Kenyan students that have been enrolled at the Sports Folk High School in Aarhus. We find that this investment has been fruitfull for both parties and not at least for the participants personal development but also for the development of handball in Kenya.

In the partnership between Globetown and the Kenyan Handball Federation, Globetown have supported the Federation with handballs, having assisted the U20 womenīs national team with a Danish coach, supplied Strathmore University with uniforms and handballs, supplied Black Mambaīs with jerseys and handballs as well as assisted Jericho Youth Sports Association (JYSA) with streethandball equipment.

Globetown has also established the possibility for Kenyan musicians to participate in the South By SouthWest Festival in Austin, Texas, USA March 2011. A further music development will be the establishment of House of Songs in Nairobi, which will be the third leg in the already ongoing corporation between House of Songs in DEnmark and USA. House of Songs has a two-fold mission:

" To link talented musical artists from two countries that appreciate, cultivate and exalt live music into worthy collaborations that produce new material and to find new ways to share the results with the world"

Globetown also plays a keyrole in the 2011 edition of the Good Governance Sports- and Music Festival in Nairobi. "SMUKFEST", a popular music festival in Denmark running over 4 days in August with approximately 45.000 participants has committed to assist GlobeTown and the Good Governance Sports-and Music festival in Nairobi this year with all the back-stage gear that is needed for a succesfull festival.

Finally Globetown is looking forward to corporate with a new partner in Kenya. The new NGO that is going to be established by Mr. Thomas Menzer and Mr. Absalom Nyinza, "ABBI" will play a key role in the development of music in Kenya and will be a key partner for Globetown in Kenya.